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Erik Loyer – Illustration by Mauricio Cordero.
Erik Loyer – Illustration by Mauricio Cordero.

September 13, 2018, 5:00 pm

20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Part of the New Media and Civic Arts Series, hosted with Comparative Media Studies

Erik Loyer‘s award-winning work explores new blends of game dynamics, poetic expression and interactive visual storytelling. From his best-selling Strange Rain story-playing iPad/iPhone app, to his visually stunning digital fiction The Lair of the Marrow Monkey (powered by Shockwave software animation), and his interactive explorations of post-Katrina racial politics in Blue Velvet, Loyer’s interactive artistic hybridizations of music, new narratives and algorithmic play have won numerous awards, been exhibited widely, and found their way into permanent museum collections.

The Civic Arts Series, which is part of the Comparative Media Studies’ graduate program Colloquium, features talks by four artists and activists who are making innovative uses of media to reshape the possibilities of art as a source of civic imagination, experience and advocacy. Using a variety of contemporary media technologies–film, web platforms, game engines, drones–the series presenters have opened up new pathways to artistic expression that broaden public awareness around compelling civic issues and aspirations of our time.