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April 20, 2016April 23, 2016

Building 37
70 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 0213

Conceptualized by ODGE Graduate Community Fellow Ron Martin, Infinite Footsteps is a multi-layered and dialogic engagement with the theme of mentorship against the backdrop of a fragmented history of racial discrimination in the world of academia in the US. Exploring the notion that over time architecture registers cultural identity and social change, the site-specificity of Infinite Footsteps becomes a key investigatory tool. Formerly known as the Center for Space Research, the SOM designed MIT Building 37 was rededicated as the Ronald E. McNair building in 1986. This exhibition explores the ramifications of this act of re-naming in the wake the Challenger NASA mission disaster, now in its 30th anniversary, where MIT Alum Ronald McNair lost his life.

The Infinite Footsteps exhibition is a unique collaboration between the ACT Program, the Blacks at MIT History Project, M.Arch Program, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, and contributors from the greater Boston community including Salem State University and a local street breakdancing crew.

The exhibition of archival materials from the Blacks at MIT History Project will be accompanied by artworks and experimental spatial interventions along with a set of nightly events including a reading group and production workshop, a panel discussion and live dance performances:

Wed 4/20, 6-7pm: Live breakdance performance with multimedia installation

Thu 4/21, 6-8pm: Reading Group and Production Workshop with special guests

Fri 4/22, 5-7pm: Reception and panel discussion

Sat 4/23, 10am-3pm: MIT Open House programming

Food and refreshments will be served at each event

Funding for the project is provided by The Council for the Arts at MIT, The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and the Program in Art, Culture and Technology (SA+P).

Infinite Footsteps exhibitors and guest speakers include Clarence G. Williams, Nelly Rosario, Daniel Delgado, Stephanie Lee M.Arch’18, Joey Swerdlin M.Arch’18, Arthur Musah, Meredith Tenhoor, Rainar Aasrand SMACT’18, Crazy 88s Dance Crew and Ron Martin SMACT’17.

Questions? Please email Ron Martin