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March 12, 2012

Taru Elfving, curator and director of Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA), calls into play the curatorial notion of the “dysfunctional” exhibition and its role within the larger concept of sustainability. CAA, a trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural exhibition spread across the isles of the Turku Archipelago (Baltic Sea), included over 23 international artists who researched the area’s environment and ways of life, and worked with the local community and institutions. Elfving will elaborate on the modes of collaboration between artists and curators, the ecological system as a potential generator of thinking and cultural production, and as a site of pilgrimage, as well as the potential of contemporary art as a force in cross-disciplinary research and action. Her presentation will be followed by a conversation with CAA artists Renée Green, and Gediminas & Nomeda Urbonas.

Speaker: Taru Elfving, Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA), Finland

In conversation with:
Renée Green, Associate Professor, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology
Gediminas Urbonas, Associate Professor, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology
Nomeda Urbonas, ACT Fellow, MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology.