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May 27, 2022October 1, 2022


On view May 27 – October 2022

East Lobby at MIT.nano Building

Opening reception on Friday, May 27 from 6:30-8:30pm

Object’s color, luster, and texture are shaped by its nanoscale properties. So is the way we perceive taste, smell, stickiness, transparency, and other aspects of an object’s tangibility. Utilizing instruments within MIT.nano, one can tailor the nanoscale for shaping the experience of those who engage with the artisans’ creation. Nanoscale means can also let us peer into the depths of the primal elements that construct our world, giving a glimpse into the hidden knowledge, and presenting the exquisite beauty and intricacy of the nanoscale world.

Throughout this exhibition, eight artworks by MIT students are dispersed within the Lisa T. Su building. These works were created during the Fall 2021 semester class taught by ACT lecturer Tobias Putrih and teaching assistant Ardalan SadeghiKivi, with the support of the MIT.nano team, envisioning and scrutinizing ways to intertwine nanoscience and nanotechnology toolsets and visualization methods to extend the bounds of art and culture. They followed the footsteps of earlier generations of MIT’s creative explorers who recognized the opportunity for a unique overlap of art and science at our unique Institute: The CAVS (Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT), founded by Professor Gyorgy Kepes in 1967, brought artists to collaborate with MIT scientists and engineers in probing “vision in motion” – new ways of imagining a fast-changing world altered by the proliferation of new technologies.

The exhibit in front of you is determined to set a milestone for reviving this collaboration for a new era that questions the means of presentation, the theatrics of delivery, and the forms of visualizations and gestures that carry out societal and ethical pursuits, unfolding across societal, environmental, scientific, and cultural endeavors based upon the capacity to reveal and read what is unseen.

Participating Artists: Vijay Rajkumar, James Lough, Hyun Woo Park (SMACT ’23), Alejandro Medina (SMACT ’23), Lili Sun, Arthur Boscolo, Ishraki Kazi (SMACT ’23), and Kwan Q Li (SMACT ’22)