The projects in this catalogue are divided into five sections, each a cluster of a group of works around a particular theme. The works in each section share common investigations, but as many of them also take up other issues, they could have been included in other sections as well. While I have no signature style, I often return to an idea in more than one work, but from a different perspective. Both the form and the content of my work emerge from a research methodology, often driven by questions that begin with “What if . . . ,” or “Why. . . . ” Nevertheless, perhaps it is the blurs among the subject matters of my different projects that unifies them as a body of work.

For me, art is driven by ideas and the “art world” is a privileged site in culture, a place that allows for substantive inquiries into questions of meaning and representation. The imagination and what Arjun Appadurai calls “the capacity to aspire” as a pathway for getting “from here to there” make certain sites possible, not only physical spaces but psychic ones. This is the history of architecture, of course—the drawing that precedes the wish to build—and it is also my own history within “art” as an event.

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