The second installment in the series of brochures published in conjunction with Green’s Pacing, her two-year project at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, this brochure includes an essay by art historian and CCVA’s Scholar-in-Residence, Gloria Sutton: Associative Properties: Renée Green’s Code: Survey at CCVA.

“As part of Pacing, Renée Green’s ongoing residency at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, the artist installed a node within the bookshop featuring a desktop computer and a selection of square-format images mounted on the wall in a compact grid. Showing aerial views of highways, parking lots, bridges, overpasses, and other infrastructure, as well as archival and contemporary images of passengers, travelers, and migrants engaged in daily life, the images were drawn from her multivalent project Code: Survey (2006). At CCVA, this node functions as a spatial meeting point as well as an open invitation to access the online dimension of Code: Survey, a project stemming from a public art commission invitation made by the California Department of Transportation. Green’s response, Code: Survey, exists on two registers: digitally, as an open web platform that went live and became globally accessible in 2006 on the State of California’s servers, and architecturally, as a permanent physical installation located in the then newly built Caltrans District 7 headquarters in downtown Los
Angeles. Taken together, these two coexistent forms convey Green’s overarching experiment with how to make a public artwork that remains reflexive, responsive, and accessible beyond its physical site.”

Contributor: Gloria Sutton

Language: English

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