Space Poem #2 (Laura’s Words): Silent 2D Version, 2011
Digital print
44 × 30 in
111.8 × 76.2 cm
Space Poem #2 (Laura’s Words): Silent 2D Version, 2011 Digital print 44 × 30 in 111.8 × 76.2 cm

Format: Group exhibition
Location: 1 Mira Madrid, Madrid
Dates: September 10 – Novermber 11, 2020

Renée Green’s work in the exhibition: From Space Poem #2 (Laura’s Words) SeriesThat Cannot Lie, In Words Not Born Yet, 2011, silkscreen, 18 x 23 in.; All-Wise Impermanence, 2011; silkscreen, 18 x 23 in.; From Sigetics Color SeriesWilliam Morris, 2011; letterpress and digital print, 18 x 22 in.

Other artists in the exhibitionJuan Downey, Fernando Bryce, Sanja Iveković, Jaime Davidovich, Graciela Carnavale, Hamish Fulton, Esther Ferrer, Joan Fontcuberta, Nil Yalter, Braco Dimitrijević, Bleda y Rosa, Cabello – Carceller, Juan Uslé, and many others

From the press release: “Responding to the proposal, each artist has made a series of small-format works that sit side by side in the gallery space (along with a selection of pre-existing works), generating a discourse which is continued and at once interrupted, built through the transversal and polysemic gazes of a heterogeneous group of artists. The complexity of Mira Bernabeu’s atypical curatorship nonetheless reaffirms the coherence of his artists: thinkers able to produce contemporary art that reflects on the key issue of the present: the paradigm shift and the complete absence of operative forecasts in the face of the unknown, and doing so from the total lack of perspective on the present itself. In this aliveness that has the same lack of distance in space and time as the critical theory of art that is being written as it takes place.”