Mixed media sculpture, steel, glass, wood, copper, hose, pump, water; 50' x 25' x 40'; in this work, three aspects of water - freeborn, inhibited and captive - are metaphorically used. The sculpture operated at timed intervals. When activated, an arch of high velocity water, reaching 25 feet high and 35 feet across, crosses through the air in the gallery and thunders into a 15-feet high copper trumpet. It falls through the trumpet into a wave-shaped hose from which it rushes into a 45-feet long glass trough. As the water flowes down the length of the trough, it refracts rainbows from its crests and troughs until it finally spills into the large octagonal recirculation vat. Once replenished, the cycle begins again. Juxtaposed to this active component is the wall element. Stoic in character, it consists of a seven-sided prismatic glass cone containing captive water. Above it hangs a large steel form. When the first component is activated, the stream of water creates a true arch over this element.

12 × 7.6 × 15.2 meters
  • Hull, Canada Map