Reviving the Ghost

Mixed media kinetic sculpture, wood, copper, steel, mirror, condensor; 7' x 19' x 5'; the wooden pod seemingly floats in balance as the copper condensor enclosed within it draws water our of the air. A quantity of water builds up over time until the increased weight causes the open end to dip forward. Once the angle is steep enough - a cup of water has collected - the fluid runs out of the wooden form and falls onto the mirrored plate below. The plate is set into the floor and is suspended on top of a steel well which allows most of the excess water to flow off the sides of the mirror. The remaining amount evaporates over time and leaves the trace salts and minerals, eventually obscuring the mirror. This process is continuous, although the cycle and timing depends on the atmospheric conditions in the gallery. The changing states of water reflected in this work is central to organic life as the life blood of industrial production. The layering of visual and physical associations in this sculpture may be observed in the active phenomenon taking place.