New book co-edited by ACT faculty Ute Meta Bauer:

Intellectual Birdhouse – Artistic Practice as Research
Florian Dombois, Ute Meta Bauer, Claudia Mareis, Michael Schwab (Eds.)

Artistic practices are manifold and highly diverse. In recent years, a claim towards research has become meaningful to many practitioners of art. Intellectual Birdhouse gives room to a number of acteurs to unfold their attitudes towards this claim. In this book, ‘artistic research’ is assumed as being independent of ‘discipline’, with the potential to occur in all contexts once epistemological expectations have shifted. This approach foregrounds questions concerning the type of models, terms and concepts that elucidate the processes and outcomes of epistemic-artistic practices while recalling theoretical debates steeped in tradition. Artistic research often involves productive and reflective work on and with material, and is frequently paired with testing of forms of representation other than texts that engage in open negotiations with knowledge. For this reason, artistic research may take an unexpected or even controversial course. With contributions by: Gina Badger, Henk Borgdorff, Paul Carter, Bracha L. Ettinger, Sabine Flach, Renée Green, Penelope Haralambidou, Florian Hecker, Tom Holert, Sarat Maharaj, Sónia Matos, Jonathan Miles, Raqs Media Collective, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Hannes Rickli, Michael Schwab, Henk Slager, Marcus Steinweg, Hito Steyerl, Jan Svenungsson, Alise Upitis and Francisco Varela.

Walther König Koenig London 2012, language: English, 300 pages, ISBN 978-3-86335-118-2

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