On June 3rd 2016, Renée Green opened a solo exhibition in Berlin’s Galerie Nagel Draxler, located in Rosa Luxemburg Platz, in Mitte. The exhibition runs until September 3rd, 2016.


Placing on a page or on a wall, on any surface or in a space.

Placing matter.

Placing bodies.

Placing to shift.

Placing a Go stone.
Placing a tombstone.
Placing a marker.
Placing a bookmark.
Placing by making a mark.
Placing words.
Specific placing.
Placing in Space Poems.
Placing Space Poems.
Placing in collections.
Placing to circulate.
Placing in archives.
Placing to give thanks.
Placing to remember.
Placing to find again.
Placing to begin again, begin again.
Placing libations.
Placing to remember the dead.
Placing to acknowledge what is gone.
Placing to acknowledge.
Placing to recognize.
Placing moments.
Placing places.

Other Planes of There. Book event.
Begin Again, Begin Again. Screening.
Placing. Exhibition contents.