“What reaches us when it isn’t possible to rationalize what occurs? What also revives us amidst conditions which might seem unbearable?  What can create a sense of relation and momentary interconnectedness?  When I thought of these things sound and music seemed to be the most consistent way in which more complex feelings could be touched, even without words. From drones to raves.”

Renée Green

Pacing, Renée Green’s ongoing residency at the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts in Harvard continues this summer with a presentation of Media Bichos / Wavelinks, a sprawling installation in CCVA’s Level 1 Gallery.

Designed as viewing stations for the MoMA’s media collection, Media Bichos were conceived as an intermediary modular system that can exist in expandable and contractible forms, functioning as an intermediating structure and space altering device. Each Media Bicho structure is constituted by panels of wooden frames, cladded with varied textiles; the panels are especially hinged to allow innumerable possibilities of shape, arrangement and color configurations.

In their CCVA deployment, the Media Bichos showcase Green’s Wavelinks (2002), a series of seven videos which explore and examine the many relations people have to sound and electronic music, combining thematic narratives with a subjective circuitous story. Wavelinks focus is on electronic music and varying interpretations of this term by those engaged with producing, writing about, and listening to this music. Some of the participants include: Bordersounds/wr, Tanya Bednar, Diedrich Diedrichsen, Florian Hecker, Arthur Jafa, Christian Marclay, Albert Salmeron, Elliot Sharp, Greg Tate, Ultra-red, and Mika Vaino.

Wavelinks seven videos consist of: Mediations: The Wire; Into the Machine: Laptops; The Aural and the Visual; Activism + Sound; Electronic Music?; Spectrums of Sound, and A Different Reality.

According to Gloria Sutton, CCVA’s Pacing Scholar-in-Residence and ACT Research Affiliate, Media Bichos /Wavelinks presents “two distinct works that are brought together for the first time here. Each work within its own typology. Yet the overlay of both systems at the Carpenter Center generates new interstitial sonic, visual, and physical spaces. Together, these works extend an invitation to linger, contemplate, pause and reflect. Rather than the act of scanning, the Media Bichos structures positioned around the space encourage circuitous movement of sounds, images, and bodies, providing an occasion to engage and make connections in real-time and in real-space.”

Media Bichos / Wavelinks has been on view since June 8th, 2017, and will continue until September 24th, while Green’s Code: Survey presentation continues to be accessible in CCVA’s CRC Bookshop.

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