On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Aldo Tambellini’s legendary creation of Black TV, the Italian-American multimedia pioneer artist presents the premiere of a new site-specific installation, realized by editing and combining hundreds of hours of filmed television news programs with his personal experimental mixed-media works.

Black TV generates a pervasive atmosphere of the process-level perception by which we experience the media environment. Involving the use of multiple monitors and various layers  of videos, films and slides distortion, Black TV creates a sense of the massive simultaneity inherent in the nature of electronic communication.

The installation is the final moment in a project born of a complex, stratified experience, in which the images became a further subject in the critical investigation of the American social and political reality. In 1969 The Black TV Project, in each of its forms, was the highest and most original, contemporary, political point achieved by the artist in his three years of work with television: a monumental operation of aesthetic synthesis of the Intermedia era.

With Black TV Tambellini clearly lays before the viewer  the epochal changes then underway in media history and presents his dark vision of America’s future, marching towards black.

The Black TV Project (1969-2019) Aldo Tambellini (excerpt).

Black TV the Grand Prix winner of the 1969 Oberhausen Film Festival; in the collections of: the MoMA NYC, Smithsonian Museum of American Art, The TATE Modern  and the Harvard Film Archive

The installation will be at Acud Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

Aldo TambelliniThe Black TV Project (1969-2019)
11-15.9 ACUD STUDIO Opening Hours: 14-20H