Interfaces de lo Invisible, an exhibition by Jesus (Chucho) Ocampo (ACT Lecturer) and Chi Po Hao (ACT Alumni), aims to work with the incommensurability of environmental processes and their planetary scales by utilizing physical interfaces that create affective ways of relating to the environment and big data sets.

The different relationships between sedimentation, erosion, water cycles and the environment become apparent by superimposing the atmosphere, represented by a suspended six-meter aeolian harp that acts as a signaling device for the passing of wind, and the lithosphere, made visible using a georadar to produce a geophysical section of a walk throughout Querétaro’s historic downtown.

The team collaborated closely with UNAM’s Geoscience Center to produce a series of workshops and talks as well as the framing of the research component on planetary scales, Anthropogenic geological layers, and atmospheric phenomena.

This exhibition is possible thanks to the support of the Mexican System for Creation and Cultural Projects (SACPC), Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation, Querétaro City Museum, the UNAM Geosciences Center, Art Culture and Technology program at MIT, BEMA, Zonesound Creative and Dérive Lab.

Aeolian harp recording taken from the six piezo pickups inside the suspended piece structure. 2.37min. 2022

Location: Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro, México
Dates: 11/23/2022 – 04/15/2023