While tapping into diverse disciplines including ecology, music, and narrative, Tang puts actions, experiences, objects and installations into works that create liminal areas that re-contextualize and compare systems, information, histories, and paradigms. Recently, Tang has become interested in abstractions of form and narrative as a means of revealing and transcending cultural signifiers and signified and incorporating non-western worldviews—such as humor and the collapse of subject and object in Zen Koans, ritual clowns—and cultural outputs to create and critique new, hybrid worldviews.

He is a recipient of the 2018 Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu Fellowship,, 2015 Queens Museum/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists, and the 2013 New Vision Award from He Xiangning Art Museum. He has participated in “Catalyst”, Queens Museum, the Central Academy of Fine Art Museum Biennale, “CAFAM Future”: Observer-Creator, the Urban Forest Lab Project at Socrates Sculpture Park, a solo exhibition at Charpa Gallery, Valencia, Spain, and produced a solo book project, First Sounds, with Booklyn. His work is in the collection of Stanford University, Grinnell college, and in the permanent collection of Inelcom foundation and He Xiangning museum.