Fabio Ciaravella is an Italian artist and architect.  He is PhD student in Architecture and Urban Phenomenology at Università della Basilicata and part of the Urban Sociology research group at the Architecture Faculty in Florence. He is also co-founder of the artist group Studio ++ (Ciaravella, Daina, Fiore) based in Florence.

Fabio’s research is focused on new possibilities in dialogue between contemporary art and architecture. Using a socially based interdisciplinary approach, his studies concern how new languages of contemporary art could improve qualitative methodologies of analysis and design for the public space and the landscape. His research has been primarily in central Italy, the Mediterranean, and Central and South America.

With Studio ++ he exhibited in Europe, Russia and the US in private, public and institutional locations: recently their work was part of the retrospective on landscape, Clouds, at Leopold Museum in Vienna.