Haozhen (Joe) Feng


Haozhen (Joe) Feng, is an artist and designer. He holds a degree from the esteemed Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he received comprehensive training across various artistic disciplines.

In addition to his education, Joe has garnered valuable experience through his contributions to the artificial intelligence departments of several prominent internet companies. His multifaceted expertise spans the boundaries of art and technology, making him a true innovator in the field.

He also founded and served as the Artistic Director of “New Drama” Studio, which has provided interactive art and exhibition services for famous brands such as BMW, Audi, Panasonic, and others.

Joe’s primary research focus revolves around exploring the limitless potential of artificial intelligence in experimental narratives and its profound impact on shaping collective memory. He is deeply captivated by the ever-evolving landscape of AI, which he views as a unique fusion of the real and virtual realms, serving as a powerful conduit of human creativity.

His recent artworks have garnered acclaim at prestigious exhibitions, including the Asia Digital Art Exhibition in Beijing, the Shanghai Biennale, and the ACM womENcourage 2021 event in the Czech Republic. Lumen Prize Finalist in the 3D/Interactive category and the distinction of being the final winning artist in the WWF Climate Action Artwork Call, among other honors.