Rae Yuping Hsu was trained in the field of rehabilitation medicine, and her practice revolves around the body, weaving to and fro between the gray area defining abled, disabled, enabled bodies. With her practice she seeks to negotiate the slippage space within the discourse of addition and subtraction to propose that the body and its otherness were always already one. Working across several mediums including kinetic sculptures, glass, and biological materials, she creates “prostheses” of things felt as a lack; of intimate interfaces and body without organs; of cuts and connective tissue; of the foreign and the familiar. She anticipates a process of becoming and through her works she questions and explores the degree of agency that technology will allow its user, as well as the intimacy and vulnerability of these unions. Where is the boundary between the person and the prosthesis? Where does one stop and the other begin? How do we understand our place and placement in a multiplicity of approaches to ever-changing conditions of borders and bordering? She received an MFA from RISD, and several awards, grants, and residencies. Her works have been shown in museums, galleries and art festivals including Taipei digital art festival, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Taipei Museum of the Arts.