Vinzenz Aubry


Vinzenz Aubry (he/him) is a French-German artist meandering somewhere between art, design and programming. His work explores human-machine-nature relationships and critically investigates the implications of our so-called modern society. The cross-disciplinary works often, but not exclusively, come to life as multimedia installations, sculptures, net art, and performances.

Alongside his artistic work, he has co-founded the creative practices studio sansho (2017) and (2020). There he leads the design, research and programming of commissions from the arts and culture industry, as well as self-initiated projects.

Part of his research focuses on augmented audio, where he develops experiments, audio pieces, and open source infrastructure.

Vinzenz holds an art diploma from the University of the Arts, Berlin, where he studied in the New Media Class of Prof. Joachim Sauter and Generative Computing with Prof. Alberto de Campo. He also studied in the media art class of Prof. Akihiro Kubota at the Tama Art University Tokyo, Japan, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in visual communication from HTW, Berlin. Currently he’s is pursuing a Master’s degree in Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT.

Vinzenz regularly exhibits and teaches at universities.

More info at and Github.