Andy Graydon
Faruk Sabanovic
Lab Fee
$ 75
3-3-6 ug, 3-3-3 or 3-3-6 g
TW 7pm–10pm

Introduction to advanced strategies of image/sound manipulation, both technical and conceptual. Pre-production planning (storyboards, scripting), refinement of digital editing techniques, visual effects such as chroma-keying, and post-production and audio are covered. Context provided by regular viewings of contemporary video artworks and other audio-visual formats. Students work individually and in groups and develop skills in media literacy and communication. Additional work required of those taking the graduate version.

Course meets twice per week (one class of which is a video production lab). Individual work on video projects for 6 hours per week is required. An additional assignment is required to receive graduate credit. Enrollment is limited to 12. Prereq: 4.354/5, or permission of the instructor.

Students taking a production-based ACT class will be charged a $75 lab fee after the add date on a semester basis. The fee covers the cost of student production materials used as part of the class. SMACT graduate students are exempt from the lab fee.  

This is a variable unit class.