Claudia Joskowicz
Neil Sanzgiri
TR 7-10
E15-283a and E15-070

This advanced-level class is focused on contemporary film/video production. The class includes the production and critique of individual film and video work, as well as an ongoing schedule of screenings, readings, and discussions that investigate various positions from artists and directors on the dynamics of space on screen. Our focus will be on the construction of cinematic space as a formal and conceptual component of storytelling. Using poetry, film, and literature as guides to navigating both constructed and conceptual landscapes, student projects will oscillate between portraiture and social documentary. We will discuss the ways that cinema and other time-based media construct mind-spaces that reflect on the ephemeral architecture of the human mind, memory, and emotion. Formally, this class Introduces students to advanced strategies of image and sound manipulation, both technical and conceptual. It covers pre-production planning (storyboards and scripting), refinement of digital editing techniques, visual effects, post-production, as well as audio and sonic components. Students work individually and in groups to develop skills in media literacy and communication. Graduate and undergraduate workload and evaluation criteria vary accordingly.