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Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Five Elizabeths and Lovely Guns of Glacial Shifting. Film stills.
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Five Elizabeths and Lovely Guns of Glacial Shifting. Film stills.

March 10, 2020

As of 3/10/2020 these events have been postponed per MIT’s response to COVID-19, the Corona Virus. We are hopeful that we will be able to reschedule it for Fall 2020. For up-to-date information regarding MIT’s policy surrounding this, please click here

The Artists and Archives Program will bring guests from the art community to MIT to engage with students about art and archives by increasing student awareness of the collections and presenting the archives as a living resource not limited to traditional research work. The program will focus on two fields: past CAVS fellows and current artists whose work resonates with the collection.

Hosting past CAVS fellows to discuss their work and the impact of technology on art will create a greater understanding of the history of art and technology working together, as well as providing insight into early collaborations between artists and scientists at MIT.

Emerging artists who have expressed interest in the collection, or who have worked with archives in the past, would speak to the creative process that occurs when an artist engages with archives, providing examples of archives as living entities.

Archival materials would serve to historicize the contemporary art milieu. Performances and presentations would be accompanied by workshops to engage students with the materials and expose them to the generative uses of archives.

Encouraging students to engage with archives not only on for historical academic research but for artistic and creative work as well. Because the Center for Advanced Visual Studies presented opportunities for artists to collaborate with scientists, this programming will provide ways for students to examine how their roles as scientists and engineers can dovetail with artistic pursuits.

Robert Dell
Geothermal Engineer and Progenitor of Sustainable Art
CAVS Fellow 1993 – 1997, CAVS Projects Director 1995 – 1996
March 10

Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Poet and Multimedia Artist
Fellow in Residence at the Woodberry Poetry Room working in their audio archive
April 7