Beth Galston (SMVisS ’81), a nationally exhibited sculptor and environmental artist, is known for her immersive environments that combine nature, technology, and light. Her multi-layered installations create a sense of place, a moment of magic and transformation. Galston was a fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Prior to her fellowship, she was a graduate student and research affiliate at CAVS, and received the Master of Science in Visual Studies degree.

Recent Works:

Floating Garden is a large-scale, suspended, luminous sculpture that has been permanently installed in the atrium of The Pioneer, an apartment building in Everett, MA. It features an environment of glowing forms made of cast resin, amber colored LEDs, and a sinuous network of copper tubing and electrical wires, meant to resemble suspended acorn caps.

Luminous Garden (Wave) is an installation created as part of the exhibit “Avant Gardens” at the Newport Art Museum located in Rhode Island and open through September 8th. The installation features computer-controlled LEDs that are brightened and dimmed to mirror the slow cycle of a wave or a deep breath.

Luminous Garden (Aerial) is an installation included in “Horizons: As Above, So Below” at the Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center in Virginia. It features a glowing walk-through environment made of cast resin seedpods, LEDs, and wires meant to encourage viewers to move around the space.

“Out in the Open,” a yearlong exhibition at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center included photographs of Galston’s “Serpentine Fence,” a public art installation in Jamaica Plain, MA featuring a fence with billowing curves which alters continually throughout the day as the sun shifts and with special lighting at night.