The Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT seeks committed, inquisitive and creative students for a selective two-year program which grants successful participants a Master of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology (SMACT) degree. The program focuses on researched-based artistic practice, advanced visual studies and experimentation, and offers opportunities for transdisciplinary relationships with other programs and labs at MIT. The degree culminates in a final project and a written thesis.

All SMACT applicants must submit an MIT Department of Architecture Application for Graduate Admission. Please make certain when applying that you are submitting your application through the correct portal (PhD and Master of Science programs). The application materials consist of: applicant information, informal transcripts, two to three letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives, and documentation of fulfillment of the English Proficiency Requirement (if applicable). ACT does not require GREs. Candidates must also submit a portfolio of work; more information on portfolios is available on the Admissions FAQs page linked below. Applications are generally due on or around December 31 for admission in September of the following year.

The Art, Culture and Technology program is part of the Department of Architecture at MIT. Applications to ACT are collected by the Department of Architecture Admissions Office. Any materials that must be mailed (such as transcripts) should be sent to the Department of Architecture Admissions Office. Please do NOT send any materials directly to ACT.

MIT Department of Architecture
Attn: Admissions (SMACT Degree)
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 7-337
Cambridge, MA 02139

Inquiries about the SMACT application process may be addressed to