“Fractured Selves is an experimental interactive website: a form of self-portrait documentary that brings together my four public personas and examines their histories and points of conflation and diversion. Interactive elements allow for a non-linear consuming of the content and user directed navigation through four timelines, one for each character. As users travel through these timelines, points of intersection between them are highlighted and users can jump back and forth between them at these locations. Each timeline is populated with roving animated characters, clickable buttons for asides along with the main interview talking head video sections. The content of the primary interview videos are a hybrid of live talking head video and background video with animated cut-out photo parts providing highly stylized moving images accompanied by “natural” spoken voice. Each of the four characters, with interventions and comments by a host, offers a series of personal testimonies that are the backbone organizing the visuals, providing a structure for the complex interaction of images. Each series comprises a historical survey, starting with childhood experiences, and examines how these developed into the fully-fledged personas that now exist. In the style of a Zoom video seminar, each of the four personas and the host, chat, against backdrops of video content. The effect is a somewhat surreal black and white photo/video collage world that is referring to subjective memories of real events and histories. Linear video sequences, photographs, pdfs and other media depicting examples or details of items discussed and other aside content, are separated out from the main timeline content in pop-up windows.”