Home Sweet Home Exhibition
Milan Triennale
May – Sept, 2023 

Drawings of Carehaus — the U.S.’s first care-based co-housing project founded by Marisa Morán Jahn (SMVisS ’07), Rafi Segal, and Ernst Valery — are included in Home Sweet Home, an exhibition curated by Giovanna Borasi and the Center for Canadian Architecture at the Milan Triennale.

About the exhibition:
The “home sweet home,” at once intimate and universal, is the space of everyday life. An architectural space that represents the possibility of re-establishing a direct link between our most authentic needs and the environments to be designed. A space that also represents the relationship between home and work, male and female, production and reproduction, public and private.

Building on the history of our institution and its International Exhibitions, the show reaches into the contemporary, with the reconstruction of site-specific environments and installations by international architectural firms, groups and research centers in dialogue with thematic historical sections. From the transformation of gender roles to the evolution of the relationship with nature within the domestic space to the influence of technology on the way of living, the themes of the projects on display generate an open reflection on the idea of home and the inhabitants of a place whose experimentations are capable of conveying new languages, new ethical aspirations and new programs for architecture.