A cornerstone of the ACT program is what we call “embedded research,” engaging sites and publics beyond the MIT campus. CAVS inspired this commitment with its sustained, culturally significant engagement with the city of Boston (e.g. the Boston Harbor Project, the Charles River Project, the First Nights series, among others). ACT holds the archive of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), Visual Arts Program (VAP), Visible Language Workshop (VLW), and other research collections documenting MIT’s history of art-science-technology collaborations.


Embedded research is not only a way for our program to build bridges to other sites and communities in flux or in conflict; it is also a way for us to encourage our students to foster meaningful, sustained engagements as part of their practice, as artists and as citizens. This emphasis on embedded research, we believe, is part of what makes ACT a unique academic experience.


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