Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar (Mexico City, 1991) is an architect and artist.  He graduated with honours from Tecnológico de Monterrey with his project thesis “Open Space” in the city of Tijuana, proposing a new pedestrian crossing and public space for the US / México border.

Chucho is currently a Partner in dérive LAB, an art, architecture and urbanism firm, where he works as Creative Director, particularly with projects related to housing, urban design, public space interventions and cultural management.

In 2016 Chucho co-founded BEMA, a cultural center in the heart of Querétaro, México; dedicated to Art, Architecture and the City.

Chucho’s artistic practice uses psychogeography, architecture, landscape and public space as a tool to shine a light on the beauty and complexities of everyday life.