Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar SMACT ’21 is a Mexican artist and architect. At the heart of his practice lies the concern of how, through interfaces, workshops, walking, and appropriation of spaces can we misuse, misinterpret, and detour deterministic conceptions of our milieu. Using drifting/erring as a tool, Chucho seeks to challenge preconceptions around scale, use-function, migration, bureaucracy, citizenship, and our relation to the more than human entities. He recently graduated from the Science Master in Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT, where he cofounded ppppress, a student run independent press. In parallel, Ocampo works as creative director and partner in dérive LAB: an art, architecture, and urbanism firm with projects related to housing, urban design, public space interventions and cultural management, and is cofounder of BEMA: a cultural center in Queretaro, Mexico.

Chucho was an ACT Postgraduate Resident from 2021-2022.