Cristobal Garcia Belmont


Cristóbal Garcia Belmont explores contemporary languages within the milieu of South American culture and folklore. He studies rituals and traditions from the region to inform his perception of reality through sound, video, performance, and installation.

Born in Lima, Peru, Cristóbal holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music. He double-majored in Electronic Music Production & Sound Design and Music Business & Management. In 2018 he worked at Instruō Modular in Glasgow assembling modular synthesizers and has been building his own electronic instruments since then.

His works have been featured by the MassMOCA organization through the Institute of Sound and Music Berlin and The Friedman Gallery in collaboration with the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute and CT::SWAM. He has performed at the NOVA ElectroAcoustic festival at The New England Conservatory.