Image courtesy of Gabriel Kahan.


Gabriel Kahan is a filmmaker and producer focusing on the creation of high impact cross-platform media for civic purposes.  Aside from his work with documentaries and TV formats, he is involved in the creation and dissemination of online educational content for children.

For the past 9 years he has worked closely with governments, NGO’s and schools to advance educational technology efforts in Latin America. His work has impacted over 4 Million students and 15,000 teachers in some of the continent’s major countries like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.  He has become a trusted expert on the use of online audiovisual content for education and EdTech implementations throughout the region.  He has also worked closely with major news organizations in Latin America to help guide the way education is covered by media, has been invited to participate in the development of Mexico’s digital roadmap for the editorial industry, and has trained thousands of teachers on the use of online and mobile educational content.