Artist and writer Hinrich Sachs presents his reflections and choreographies for new ways of perceiving popular Western Culture. Sachs’s work has been featured internationally, most recently at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, and Museo de Arte de Lima. He is currently finalizing Fog Friend Font, a multiple-author publication project on semiotic landscapes, in particular the situation surrounding Inuktitut, the language of the Canadian Inuit. He has been a professor at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, and a visiting professor at Musashino Art University, Tokyo.

Sachs is interested in reflecting on signifying codes like image, language, sound, or space, and the challenges of translation regarding the conceptual differences in cultures, which are either largely neglected by general as well as specialized publics, or essentialised, in politics. By elaborating on the projects Kami, Khokha, Bert and Ernie (World Heritage), as well as Fog Friend Font, Hinrich will raise questions about how the idea and the embodiment of non-human others and their voices in realms like technology, or the edutainment industry, subvert the Western concept of the subject and radicalize current perspectives of the voice as an agent.