Pedro Reyes is a widely celebrated multi-platform artist, activist, and educator. Pedro uses all aspects of visual art and education to address political and social issues. His main focus is to use the arts to reduce gun and drug trafficking and all across Mexico. In 2008 Pedro commenced Palas por Pistolas, a project that collected over 1,500 guns from donors and Mexico and melted them down into shovels. With those shovels, Pedro and his studio planted the same number of trees. The program’s success garnered attention from the Mexican Army, who donated 6,700 weapons. In 2012, Pedro started Disarm, which converted the donated military weapons into musical instruments. Disarm is now a mobile workshop in which adolescence use these musical instruments to write and perform songs of peace.


Pedro instructed the course “4.s33 | The Reverse Engineering of Warefare: an opera for the ends of times” in conjunction with Carla Fernández.