4.302 | Foundations in Art, Design, and Spatial Practices

Time Creatures: Designing Future Memories at MIT

Instructor: Azra Akšamija

TA: Caner Oktem

Open to undergraduate students only.

Design futuristic creatures and funky costumes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the MIT campus! With the imminent MIT Centennial festivities in mind, this class will reflect on the past and future 100 years of MIT by exploring how different conceptions of time and memory are encoded in material culture. We will work on three projects, different versions of time creatures, involving both group and individual design work: from an interactive giant group-puppet called the Time Spirit, to full body costumes for MIT‘s reenactment of the 1916 Masquerade of Power, to Memory Matrix canopy to address the ongoing destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East and beyond. The creatures will be exhibited at MIT campus in form of an installation and a fashion show during the Open House (Apr. 23) and choreographed for a performance during the Moving Day pageant (May 7).

As an introduction to artistic practice and visual critical thinking, the course emphasizes the development of artistic approaches and methods and their analogies to architectural thinking, urbanism, and design practice. This class has a communication-intensive component and you will develop skills in how to communicate your ideas and experiences on the body and civic scales and through 2D, 3D, and time-based media, as well as new genres. Video screenings, museum visits, artist presentations, and readings supplement studio practice. Instruction and practice in written and oral communication is provided as you work on both written and oral skills over the course of the semester.


  • Credit: u: ci-m
  • Schedule: TR 9-12
    Location: e15-207