Tobias Putrih, Affliate Instructor: Ardalan SadeghiKivi
Aubrie James
U / G
Lab Fee
Per-term $75 fee after Add Date; SMACT students are exempt
3-3-3 U / 3-3-6 G
TR 9:30-12:30

Situated within the pedagogical framework of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this course facilitates close-knit collaboration between a select cohort of art students and their counterparts in the realms of science and engineering. During the Fall semester, enrolled students, driven by an ardent desire to synthesize art, culture, and technology, will be matched with teaching assistants (TAs) hailing from the domains of science and engineering. These TAs will serve as mentors, expertly guiding the students as they traverse the shared laboratory spaces within MIT.nano and its affiliated research laboratories, thereby bridging the chasm that separates expressive possibilities across these disciplinary boundaries.

Instructors will furnish students with the requisite creative tools essential for artistic and cultural expression, as well as underscoring the technical prospects for translating creative visions into tangible reality. Supported by the guidance imparted by the MIT.nano staff, TAs will play a pivotal role in molding the envisioned projects, grounding them in the realm of practicality and feasibility afforded by the state-of-the-art tools and instrumentation available within MIT.nano.

Ultimately, participants from the fields of science and engineering will amass a profound understanding of contemporary artistic practices and artistic inquiry, while art students will be exposed to the intricate tapestry of technology, scientific methodologies, and the assimilation of advanced technical research concepts. Through this symbiotic journey, students will collectively forge a novel cross-disciplinary creative paradigm, narrating tales of art and technology that were hitherto beyond the grasp of either discipline in isolation.

4.301 or 4.302 or permission of instructor