Judith Barry
Mrinalini Singha
U / G
Lab Fee
Per-term $75 fee after Add Date; SMACT students are exempt
3-3-6 or 2-4-6
TW 2-5

Advanced video production, installation, and exhibition design introduce advanced image and sound design strategies from both a technical and conceptual perspective. Storytelling is the linchpin that unites these seemingly disparate forms. Visual semiotics and media analysis, alongside installation and exhibition design, offer a perspective from which to consider how meaning is constructed when you engage across different forms of art production such as within individual artworks, media installations, and the design of exhibitions. Each of these forms implies a different spatial configuration and it is the relationship between the artwork and the space where it is displayed that determines how the work is understood by a viewer.

This course explores visual and textual analysis for interrogating artworks, pre-production planning (scripting + storyboarding for the shoot), exhibition design histories in relation to art movements, as well as the refinement and the use of various tools. These tools include single and multi-channel editing techniques, designing, and shooting for visual effects and compositing, production and post-production workflow, as well as sound design and execution.

The context is provided by viewing and discussing contemporary forms of media including advertising, single and multi-channel media as well as installations, artworks. exhibitions, and other audio-visual formats. Students work individually and/or in groups to develop skills in media literacy and visual communication. Additional work is required of students taking the graduate version.

  • Prerequisites: 4.352: 4.354 or permission of instructor; 4.353: 4.355 or permission of instructor
  • HASS: A/E
  • Can Be Repeated for Credit: No
  • For more information contact: Mrinalini Singha (TA)