Judith Barry, Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits
3-3-6, or to be arranged
WR 2-5
E15-207 (remote)

Challenging the contemporary conditions and the urgent need for a transdisciplinary dialogue, this course provides the methodology and tools for creating the art that deals with the topics of science, uses scientific data and technologies to create new aesthetic experiences.

This course focuses on histories, theories and practices of art and science collaboration, discusses how scientists conceptualize their work, and what ideas and aesthetics the artists use to relate to the world of science. The key approach will be to establish connections with scientists and researchers at MIT, explore facilities across the campus, access the laboratories, and get acquainted with new research agendas.  The students will use experiential storytelling, sensing and visualizing technologies, combine fieldwork and laboratory experiments, scientific data and artistic methods to create new aesthetic objects, data visualization projects, immersive environments, and other experiential art works in the context of contemporary socio-cultural discourses.