Marisa Jahn
Pavlo Kryvozub
TW 2-5

Open to undergraduates only.

4.301 is a hands-on and theoretical course introducing artistic practice and critical visual thinking through three studio-based projects exploring the overarching theme of “daemon.“ 

For ancient Greeks, a daemon referred to a supernatural being or divinity existing betwixt and between humans and the supernatural. Today, “daemon” commonly refers to a discrete background process that handles requests for services such as print spooling and file transfers, and is dormant when not required. 

Each of the students’ projects will use different scales and media, concluding with a final presentation and critique. Students explore sculptural, architectural, performative artistic methods; video and sound art; site interventions and strategies for artistic engagement in the public realm. Lectures, screenings, guest presentations, field trips, readings, and debates supplement studio practice. The course also introduces students to the historic, cultural, and environmental forces that affect both the development of an artistic vision and the reception of a work of art.

Open to undergraduates only. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to enroll. For more information: