ACT Archives and Special Collections

In keeping with its mission of continually questioning what an artistic research and learning environment can be and do, ACT has spent the past four years developing and processing archival and special collections that serve research, curation, and experimentation in art-science-technology topics.

Initially focusing on the archival materials derived from its ancestor organizations, the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and the Visual Arts Program, ACT has also branched out with collections concerning György Kepes’ Vision + Value series of publications and Muriel Cooper’s Visible Language Workshop. More recently, ACT has endeavored to cultivate its own archive of material from academic courses, special events, the lecture series, and faculty output.

As a research hub for a worldwide audience of scholarly and creative patrons, ACT collections have been used as teaching tools, to provide content for publications, facilitate international exhibitions, and to inspire new investigations in the intersection of art, science and technology.

ACT hosts research appointments by advance email reservation, and also supports remote reference inquiries by phone or email. For more information, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or see ACT’s collection policies.

The ACT Archives and Special Collections include:

Visual Arts Program Special Collection

Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection

Visible Language Workshop Archive

György Kepes Papers

ACT Archive