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April 16, 2024, 12:30 pm2:00 pm

Wiesner Room
MIT E15-207

Lunch Lecture Shaping Spatial Constellations

Dr. Judith-Frederike Popp, Prof. Johanna Diehl, Prof. Raphael Sbrzesny

Tuesday, April 16
Wiesner Room

Judith-Frederike Popp
Assembling the voice of the space – Aesthetic practices of coming together

The background for this lecture is provided by an approach understanding aesthetics as practice between art, design and everyday life that constitutes an integrated rhythm between compression and externalization.

On the base of this approach, Popp will discuss the hypothesis that artistic and design practices revolving around opening up and establishing performative and architectural spaces of activism and participation are able to create an interpersonally constituted presence of conscious and unconscious dynamics. This presence enables a comprehensive aesthetic experience where being together with others dissolves traditional distinctions between aesthetic production and reception in favor of a shared creation released from an almost intolerable abundance of relational density.

Raphael Sbrzesny
Interdisciplinary perspectives on Public Space, Intervention and Third Knowledge – Polyphonic workshop as social sculpture

Raphael Sbrzesny is a performer, musician and professor. He will present some performative works at the intersection of music, digital media and fine art. Raphael is particularly interested in new forms of collaborative practice in his teaching and has developed a pedagogical concept that he calls the Polyphonic Workshop. Central to his practice is to redistribute public space through interventions in order to enable unconventional uses by the people who live in the cities. He will give an insight in his new publication “Interpret*innenkammer—Polyphonic Workshop. Sound, Performance & Concept” (2024) which is conceived as an open archive in 50 booklets.

Johanna Diehl
Coexistence and Third knowledge – The truth resides in the folds

Johanna Diehl is an artist and professor of photography. Her practice is informed by an intense research process and includes various media from film, photography, and cooperations with writers, poets and historians. In her lecture, Diehl will focus on the idea that the truth of history lies in the folds. She will point out the hypothesis that in the coexistence of different truths in one space, a third knowledge about precisely these places emerges. In her presentation Johanna Diehl explores how spaces can be conceived in which different religious, political and aesthetic actions can coexist simultaneously for example in Ukraine, Italy, Cyprus, Sarajevo, Athens and Lithuania. In recent projects she has used archives, worked on utopian architectures of the 60s and 70s, and the complex history of electronic music studios in Europe, to show how cultural politics, technology and image production are connected.