Foundations Classroom, E14-251H

Foundation Photo credit: John Kennard © 2011

mars lab mezzanine

The Introduction to Visual Arts classes, 4.301 and 4.302, offer students a “foundation in audio-visual art practice.”  The focus of these studio courses is learning to communicate ideas and experiences through various two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and time-based media, including sculpture, installation, performance, and video.  The following are used to facilitate the learning experience:

  • Plaster (various types)
  • Wax
  • Clay
  • Paper maché
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Model-making
  • Latex rubber mold making
  • Alginate mold making

The Mars Lab Mezzanine is the teaching and work space used for the classes.

Photo credit: John Kennard © 2011