“The works and practice of the artist Renée Green are among the most relentless and consequent attempts to explore and extend the traditional terrain of art and to use artistic production as a strategy to question meanings and how we exist.

In contrast to many other artists of her generation, however, she diverges from the usual practice of a simple transfiguration of contents (sociology as art, etc.) by including in her videos, installations, sculptures and texts many kinds of models for discerning knowledge and in turn alludes to the tensions between them and their relative status. Irony, humor, and seriousness accompany the images which emerge from a complex web of associations which circulate between the past, present, and imaginings of the future. These are mingled with public and private narratives from various times and locations seen through Green’s lens and heard through her ears. The questioning of what appears to be transparrent and available reflects a process which, while densely configured, alludes to cultural conditions far more disnticnly and intensely than many examples of reductive systematics.

For Between and Including, the Secession exhibition space has been converted into a maze. Within the maze one can encounter a combination of interrelated works which have been produced between 1966 and 1999 and which for the first time will be presented in relation to each other.

The exhibition Between and including took place in the Secession from February 10th until April 11th, 1999. This artist book is a continuation of the exhibition project”

Authors: Giuliana Bruno, Lynne Tillman, Joe Wood, Michale Eng, Renée Green.