The first installment in the series of brochures published in conjunction with Green’s Pacing, her two-year project at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, this brochure includes an essay by art historian and CCVA’s Scholar-in-Residence, Gloria Sutton: Forms of Organized Complexity: Notes on Renée Green’s Pacing at CCVA.

Pacing, the purposefully capacious title chosen by Renée Green for her two-year project at CCVA, suggests a reappraisal of the role or position of the artist-in-residence writ large. This is not an effort to add to the list of artist occupations that have emerged since the 1990s—chief among them being “artist-as-curator” or “artist-as-researcher.” In stark contrast, her strategic use of the moniker Free Agent Media (a.k.a. FAM) as the authoring tool for her projects since 1994 registers Green’s deep understanding of art’s complex relationship to the culture industry and complicates the tendency to read “the museum,” “the academy,” or “the market” as the only designated
institutions for the production and reception of art. Instead, FAM contextualizes the broader media ecology in which Green’s works, writings, and ideas circulate.”

Contributor: Gloria Sutton

Language: English

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