“The following is an interview of Renée Green conducted by Donna Harkavy, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Worcester Art Museum, on July 29, 1991. This interview took place in advance of the design and execution of Bequest, Ms. Green’s site-specific installation at the Museum. Accordingly, Ms. Green primarily addresses general themes and issues in her work, rather than the specifics of the piece.”

An excerpt:

Donna Harkavy: “Since your work touches on many sociopolitical issues, how do you view the role of the artist in today’s society?”

Renée Green: “Well, it depends on what kid of artist you want to be. There isn’t one set role. I feel compelled to express my preoccupations because that’s what artists do. I’m interested in communicating with other people, and curious to learn what their responses might be and to see how these responses are determined by a specific place. I also believe it’s important to remind people about history because it’s easy not to think about the past, to thing that things just spring out of nowhere. In terms of what artists do, I think the cultural realm is significant. I’ve been inspired by different works of art and artists to think about things in a new way. It seems art is one of the few means left to reach people in a way that isn’t fighting them. It’s not a battle; it’s more like a conversation, a way to continuing to engage in thought. It’s amazing how cultural production, such as art and movies, can instigate discussion amongst all kinds of people about important issues. So art certainly has a fucntion. And it’s not one to be taken lightly.”

Contributors: Donna Harkavy, Renée Green

Language: English