Artist and Professor Renée Green has been invited by the Whitney Museum of American Art to present her work at the Whitney Biennial 2022.

Now in its 80th iteration, the Whitney Biennial was “established to chart developments in art of the United States, […] the longest-running exhibition of its kind.”

This will be the second time that Green’s work has been featured in the biennial, as her work was included in the 1993 Whitney Biennial, a milestone exhibition paving the way to what would later become the global circuit of art circulation and display, opening up many aesthetic and discursive threads in the US and abroad. In 1993, Green presented Import/Export Funk Office, an installation currently in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and recently displayed at Green’s double-venue exhibition in Berlin, Inevitable Distances.

In regards to the 2022 Biennial, which is co-organized by Adrienne Edwards and David Breslin, senior curators at the museum, Edwards says: “We looked at painting, sculpture, choreography, video, film, and approaching it as a question: Does it have a capacity to speak to [the] social, political, economic, personal? Can it do that in a way that is convincing? That’s a question I think that is suspended throughout the show.”

Asked by The New York Times if the exhibition will be taking an aesthetic and political position, Edwards retorted, “without a doubt.”

Alumna Alia Farid (SMVisS ‘08) will also be featured in the exhibition.