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March 5, 2012

Bruce Yonemoto works within the overlapping intersections of art and commerce, and the gallery world and cinema screen. Yonemoto juxtaposes cultural material from different international communities, such as those of the Japanese Americans, Nipo-Brasiliero, Peruvian Quechua and Hollywood communities. The photographic series North South East West focuses on the erased history of American Civil War soldiers of Asian descent. Yonemoto’s collaboration with Dr. Juli Carson deals with the discovery of the real and poetic convergence between two distinct phenomena in Argentina: the site of one of the few growing glaciers in the world and one of the last regions where Lacanian psychoanalysis is practiced. Most recently, Yonemoto’s work was exhibited at the ICC in Tokyo, the Kemper Museum in Kansas City, and the St. Louis Museum of Art.

Speaker: Bruce Yonemoto, Professor of Studio Art in Video, Experimental Media, and Film Theory, University of California, Irvine.

In conversation with Stephen Prina, Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge.