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February 13, 2012April 23, 2012

Art, culture and technology. What is the potential of such an intersection in the present? Being cognizant of historical and unusual crossings while exploring more profound investigations and productions suggest experiments in thinking, action and form. Questions raised by pursuing this matrix lead to a variety of histories of the present, the combination of official and unofficial versions throughout the world; animated by examination and reflection these histories may be transformed by creation.

It is easily possible to feel indifference toward the “merely interesting.” In response to what can appear as a perpetual state of “interesting” spectacles and data flow, the invited speakers address these paradoxes of living. Their presentations and discussions will serve as opportunities to grapple with productions, conditions, and perspectives that can stimulate other kinds of responses. The speakers will not invite smooth or easy receptions of the aural, visual, or spatial operations with which they are engaged, but will, in contrast, raise questions from the perspective of producers and analysts about present and past forms of being and production.

Lectures are free and open to the public.


Funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT