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April 27, 2024, 8:00 amMay 5, 2024, 5:00 pm

ACT Student Gallery
MIT E15, Lower Level
Wiesner Building
20 Ames Street,
Cambridge, MA

“The whole star is a moving skin” is a trio exhibition of Aubrie James (SMACT ‘24), Luca E. Lum (SMACT ‘25), and Zhanyi Chen (SMACT ‘24).

In this exhibition, the three artists explore relationships with our temporal and spatial environments through the lens of yearning and loss. The title is a line taken from a machine-aided translation of Shakespeare’s famous love sonnet 116 by Rena J. Mosteirin. In the book, the machine, moving through various languages – including code – rends new expressions and skeins of meaning, mapping an unexpected idiom. The exhibition aims to delve into the matter of our relationship with animate and inanimate ​worlds by paying close attention to intimate and transcorporeal minglings. Aubrie’s portals explore the desire to connect to somewhere while feeling as if nowhere; Luca’s somatic translations of her psychic life contend with her compulsion to find the edges of her interior; Zhanyi’s rain poems examine how mourning persists in the natural and constructed environments around us.

Each work invites visitors to confront and rethink their perception of reality, aligning with Mario Perniola’s vision of becoming “things that feel,” and forging an alliance between senses and inorganic entities. They take what can feel large and foreign and find their intimacies.

Opening celebrations on Friday, April 26 from 6-9pm. Refreshments served.

The gallery will be open during the following times:
Saturday, April 27: 12-6pm
Sunday, April 28: 12-6pm
Tuesday, April 30: 12-6pm
Wednesday, May 1: 12-7pm
Thursday, May 2: 12-6pm
Friday, May 3: 12-6pm
Saturday, May 4: 12-6pm
Sunday, May 5: 12-6pm