The Artist’s Sanctum SALON SERIES
Salon No. 5 With Lara Baladi

Monday, June 15th

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ACT lecturer Lara Baladi is a photographer, multimedia artist, archivist, and educator whose work examines the perceived divisions between reality, fiction, and fantasy. During the 2011 Egyptian uprisings, Lara co-founded Radio Tahrir and Tahrir Cinema. These platforms provided an alternative narrative to the one disseminated by State media. Her ongoing project Vox Populi includes a series of media initiatives, an open-source timeline that maps past and present global social movements, and a portal that archives data relating to the so-called 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Transformative social movements reverberate thought history from the enlightenment periods French and American revolutions to the Arab spring and now popular uprisings in Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and the United States. To better understand these movements, their historical significance and the dynamics of power and oppression The Artist’s Sanctum is honored to present Lebanese-Egyptian artist and educator Lara Baladi to share her examination of revolution at Salon No. 5

In this time of political unrest on American soil, Lara’s insight into revolutionary movements and government response can provide American revolutionaries with a knowledge base on how revolutionary movements can build and succeed and how they can fail. She will discuss her work exploring the echos of revolution throughout history and what Americans can learn as we battle state power to build a more equitable society.

The tragic events that lead to the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are inexcusable, and the subsequent unrest our nation faces is the product of centuries of division and oppression drawn on racial, economic, and geographic lines. The current fervor for change has reached a critical mass, and the American people are making their demands known. For far too long, inequality has oppressed minorities in this country, and an awakening has finally begun. This is our time to stand tall in the face of adversity, to rebuild America in the vision of our ideals, and tear down the systems that have segregated and oppressed the most vulnerable among us.

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