Sharon Hayes – CAVS Visiting Artist 2004 – 2005

Hayes’ work incorporates an interest in history and journalism with performance art, exemplified by her “re-speaking” performances where she recites historical speeches including a 10 hour recitation of all speeches made by President Ronald Regan, and a four part performance where she reenacted the Patty Hearst Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) recordings.

16 Beaver & the Critical Art Ensemble

On October 29, 2004, CAVS hosted Starter Culture, a “teach-in” on bioart, biotech and society. Artists’ group 16 Beaver Group along with the Critical Art Ensemble gave eight short talks on bioart, biotech, and biopolitics. Discussions were based on questions of politics of biotechnology under global capitalism, the status of scientific expertise in a democracy, and the principle of freedom of research relevant to contemporary art among others. The research that came out of this conference was used by artist and University of California at San Diego professor Natalie Jeremijienko to assist in the defense of accused artist and University of Buffalo professor Steve Kurtz.