John Malpede, House of cards n.d.
John Malpede, House of cards n.d.
John Malpede, House of cards n.d.

John Malpede – CAVS Fellow 2008 – 2009

Malpede is a preformer, director, and activist. He is the founder of the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD), an organization that engages the homeless population of Los Angeles through performance that connects lived experiences to the social forces that shape the lives of people living on Los Angeles’s Skid Row.

Nell Breyer – CAVS Research Affiliate 2003-2010

Breyer is a coreographer, dancer, and multimedia artist. Her work embraces the intersection of dance, new media, and visual art as it examines the roles public space and the visual kinetic connection.

Tanya Selvaratnam – CAVS Visiting Artist 2009

Selvaratnam is a writer and artist. She is one of the organizers of The Federation, an artist’s group formed to advocate against the closing of cultural borders after the travel bands of 2018, and to oppose defunding of the arts.

Wendy Jacob – CAVS Visiting Artist & VAP Lecturer 2009

Jacob’s work incorporates sculpture and public art, along with urban interventions. She is a member of the collaborative group Haha, whose work focuses on the exploration of social positions relative to a particular site.

John Malpede, Nell Breyer, Tanya Selvaratnam - Bright Futures, 2009

Bright Futures was a participatory performance piece developed by “re-mixing” sections of a Sloan School of Business lecture that occurred on campus during the hight of the economic crisis in 2008.

The House of Cards

A floating four-story house of cards collapses and revives itself through the coordinated action of 16 students pulling the strings that support it.  The sculpture was designed and constructed by students in Wendy Jacob’s class, and was part of a semester-long exploration of things that fall apart.

The House of Cards was created by Wendy Jacob, Salome Francpourmoi, Rodolfo Alarcon, Neeharika Bhartiya, George Coss, Colleen Gallagher, Vidya Ganapati, Joshua Horowitz, Jess Kim, Stephanie Moran, Allyson, Randolph, Jarred Schantz, Jennifer Sim, JingWen Tao, Jaime Varela, Xuan Yang, Tiffany Yee, & Giorgio Zampierollo.